Natura Spa is your one and only spa for quality waxing, Brazilian sugaring melt®, facials and spray tanning services. Home of the Original Sugaring Melt®, Natura Spa provides Brazilian wax services in a way that you have never seen anywhere else. We have developed a unique 3-step method for the brazilian bikini hair removal, and we only use the best products. Our waxes are all Natural and our very own Sugaring Melt® contains no wax – only Sugar, lemon juice and Water.

“The Real Brazilian Sugaring technique, the Real Brazilian recipe, the Real Brazilian way of doing Brazilians.“ Rafaela Chagas (CEO & Esthetician)



Well, first of all, Natura Sugaring Melt & Wax Spa is a REAL BRAZILIAN SPA! The owners were born and raised in Brazil. The founder and Head Esthetician, Rafaela Chagas, has over 15 years of experience with waxing and is the one responsible for developing the 3-step method for the so famous Brazilian Wax service. During the training each of the estheticians will learn the REAL SUGARING MELT® & WAX TECHNIQUE and ultimately become Natura certified.


Besides our SUGARING MELT®, Natura also offers to our clients Hard, and Soft waxes that are super gentle and are made of natural ingredients. We combine our Sugaring Melt® with the other two natural waxes so we can provide you with the best waxing outcome and smoothest skin. Ideal for Sensitive Skin & proven to reduce hair growth with continuous use, the combination of our unique 3-step method is the Key to the BEST WAXING service of your life!


Our Soft Wax is made of natural ingredients. This is a type of wax that requires a strip to remove the wax and hair. Soft wax is generally used on flat top area where uneven and stubborn hairs usually are. It is a little stickier than the hard wax and sugar paste, but its results are incredible.


Strip-less, or “hard wax” is a type of wax that, when applied, hardens on its own. The wax becomes the strip itself and a cotton strip is not necessary. Its a 100% Natural Paraffin-Free wax and also imported from Brazil. Mostly used on sensitive areas and specially for touch ups after the Brazilian is done with our Sugaring Melt™.


Our very own Sugaring Melt® is what separates us from others. It is used for more sensitive areas, such as the labia area, or can be applied all over for more sensitive skin types (upon request). Unlike traditional Sugaring paste, our Sugaring Melt® is applied warm to the skin using a stick, and pulled off with a strip. With our warm Sugaring Melt®, skin feels a bit numb, and pores are opened causing less pain and no breakage to the hair. It is a much faster, cleaner and painless method or hair removal than regular sugaring! Sugar will not stick to the skin. It does not stick to moisture, therefore, won’t stick to live skin cells. It will only gently exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin a lot less red and irritated than with waxing. Sugar is water soluble.

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